The Salty Ox was born on June 21, 2019. After 5 1/2 years working as a graphic artist in the decorated apparel industry, and the 7 years prior to that as a freelance graphic artist/designer, I decided to return to freelancing.

Freelancing is where it’s at for me. I have always valued time over money so it goes without saying this free spirit is not cut out for corporate ladder climbing or a life on a hamster wheel. My heart and my home is with the mom and pop’s but I’ve always referred to myself as a “solo artist.” I’ve always been a “I can do it myself and no, thank you, I don’t need any help” kind of girl. It drives my husband batty but that’s how I operate. It’s no surprise I made my way back to a 9 to 5 in solitude.

My ultimate goal is to provide unparalleled, spectacular service to my clients every, single, time. That means you get my full and complete attention, expert advice, professional designs, fast turnaround and everything else I can possibly offer to provide a totally positive and enjoyable experience from beginning to end!

Check out what all the buzz is about. Then give me a call or drop me an email so you can see for yourself. Let’s get salty!

Nicki G. – Proprietor & Graphic Artist